The Center for Studies on “Umberto Giordano”is a research center built at Museo Civico di Foggia, with a memorandum of understanding, among Comune di Foggia, Umberto Giordano Conservatory the Central Library -Museum of Foggia. The center, along with the Archive, has the goal to protect and valorize the figure of Umberto Giordano in the cultural context of the international cultural and musicological research.

To reach such goal, the Center promotes the gathering of various sources: manuscripts, bibliographical and iconographical documents, recordings and anything else relevant to this research.
The Center has, as institutional goals, the organization of cultural and specifically musical events, the support of scientific publications, a number of collaborations with other public music institutions and universities, private foundations and simple citizens who agree on the goals of this institution. The Archive and the Center for Studies on U. Giordano have an executive central committee which manages to coordinate all the institutions involved in these projects. In addition they also have a scientific committee for artistic programs.