The partnership with Sungshin University Sungshin University of Seoul was established in 2009 in order to create common artistic, and specifically musical, projects. Since then, almost 100 Korean female students enrolled in classes of Conservatorio “U.Giordano”, participating also to the rich performance activity of the Conservatorio.

Sungshin Women’s University, Seoul (Corea)

The partnership with the Vatican Institute of Sacred Music in Rome has been signed in 2012 in order to establish a joined academic path and therefore the creation of a double degree in Composition, Organ and Piano. Thanks to this agreement, the best student of the Conservatorio Umberto Giordano have the possibility to perform in the concert series organized in the Sala Accademica of the Vatican Institute of Sacred Music in Rome.

For specific information on the Double Degree look at the menu “Studenti” in the Italian Version of this website

Conservatorio Umberto Giordano and Università degli Studi of Foggia (Foggia University) signed an agreement with which they both commit to accept in their departments incoming foreign students in order to offer them, next to the academic study plan established between the hosting university and the home institution, the possibility to start or keep pursuing an interdisciplinary path with a peculiar artistic approach. This experience would be a unique opportunity to enrich the educational and professional curriculum with an extraordinary added value.

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  • Foggia University

Athenaeum Linguistic Center

The partnership allows to create educational projects concerning the foreign languages learning process, or the learning process of Italian language among foreign students.